• What is an Autonomous Agent?

    Autonomous agents are a form of sales and operational cooperation between Indah Logistik and individuals/business entities located in one sub-district

  • By joining as an autonomous agent for Indah Logistik, you will of course get various benefits, namely:

    1. Increase income

    2. Multi service

    3. Wide network throughout Indonesia

    4. Competitive prices

    5. Retail and corporate sales

    6. Free pick up service to agents

    7. Complete fleet support

    8. Online transactions

    9. Easy tracking

    10. Training

    11. Assistance and consultation

  • 10 Autonomous Agent Registration Process Flow

    1. Prospective agents submit the complete address of the agent's location to the branch

    2. The branch checks data on the distribution locations of existing autonomous agents in prospective agent sub-districts

    3. If the location data check passes, the survey team will schedule a location survey of the prospective agent which includes:

        - Operational support by branch

        - Location of the prospective agent's office

        - Access to the location of prospective agents

        - Market potential of the prospective agent's location

        - Interview with prospective agents

    4. After passing the survey, the prospective agent receives a registration form and requirements as well as a PKS to study

    5. If the prospective agent agrees to the terms and conditions and PKS, then the prospective agent completes the data in the form and completes the registration requirements

    6. Prospective agents prepare agent offices in accordance with registration requirements in accordance with agreed standards

    7. Prospective agents send required documents and office photos that meet the requirements to the branch, then the branch sends them to the development team

    8. Training for owners/persons in charge of Autonomous Agents and potential officers

        - Training Front Line Training for 1 (one) day

        - Field Work Practices (On Job Training) at designated Branch Offices with a mentoring process for 2 (two) days

    9. Prospective agents sign the PKS, submit user ID, online receipt, manifest and sticker to the autonomous agent

    10. Autonomous agents are ready to open and can provide goods delivery services



    1. Fill out the Autonomous Agent Registration Form (AORF) registration form

    2. Copy of 1 (one) National Identity Card (KTP).

    3. 1 (one) passport photo with a red background, measuring 4x6.

    4. Copy of rental agreement, as well as Certificate of Ownership (SHM) or Deed of Sale and Purchase (AJB) if it is private property

    5. Have a Business Domicile Certificate (SKDU) photocopied in 1 (one) copy

    6. Have a Nuisance Permit/HO (Hinderordonnantie)

    7. Attach a photocopy of proof of payment for the last year's Land and Building Tax (PBB).

    8. Photos and layout plans of prospective agent office locations

        - Outside view (4 sides taken from front, left, right and road direction)

        - Inside view (4 sides of left and right sides facing inside and outside)



    1. Individual Requirements

        a. Copy of 1 (one) sheet of Family Card

        b. Copy of 1 (one) Personal Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP).


    2. Requirements for Legal Entity Business Entities

        a. Copy of the Deed of Establishment of the Company which has been approved by the Ministry of Justice including the latest amendments (if any) in 1 (one) copy

        b. Copy of KTP of the Director/Person in Charge of the Company (which is stated in the Company's Deed of Establishment)

        c. Copy of valid Trading Business License (SIUP).

        d. Copy of valid Company Registration Certificate (TDP).

        e. Copy of the company's Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP)/Taxable Entrepreneur Confirmation Letter (PKP)/Director General of Taxes' Registered Certificate

         f. Copy of valid Company Domicile Certificate (SKDP).



    1. Make sure the minimum radius is 1 kilometer

    2. Then, in the same 1 (one) office building or shop it is not permitted to have more than 1 (one) autonomous agent with different ownership.

    3. The minimum room size is 3x3 meters or an area of ​​9 m2

    4. The building is a permanent/temporary kiosk, has a ceramic floor and has an air conditioning/AC unit (if desired)

    5. Easily accessible by four-wheeled vehicles and has adequate parking space

    6. Electricity network of at least 900 watts



    1. Internet Service Provider (ISP) network of at least 10 Mbps

    2. Computers 2 (two) units or more with the provisions,

        a. Customer Service computer, 1 (one) unit or more

          - Core i3 Processor

          - Memory 4 GB

          - 500 GB Hard Disk

          - Genuine Microsoft licensed Windows 7 (64 bit)

        b. Network

          - Router or HUB

          - Network cable

    3. Laser Jet printers and label printers

    4. Adequate scales;

        a. Analog or digital floor scale with a capacity of 100 kilograms

        b. Recertification (calibration) by the relevant agency at least once a year

    5. Plastic sorting basket size L.68 x W.48 x H.40 (cm) minimum 4 (four) blue pieces.

    6. It is recommended to provide Trolley



    1. Brand boards are available in the form of iron signs measuring L.120 x T.60 (cm)

    2. Minimum size banner L.300 x H.90 (cm)

    3. INDAH LOGISTIC CARGO non-embossed logo backdrop size L.120 x T.60 (cm)


    • Applicants are required to follow the survey process carried out by the Indah Logistik survey team
    • For further information call: 0811-1211-774 /0895-1623-8046 or contact the nearest branch office

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